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MSM's Ultimate Guide To Rose Water

Posted on October 17 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Rose Water

At MSM HQ we have devoted the entire month of October to rose power!

It is no secret that roses are the secret magical ingredient to a lot of your beauty woes but it can get a little tedious to figure out which rose water should be on top of your vanity stash.

We totally get you.

To ease your worries, we bring you the ultimate guide to rose water with almost everything you need to know about all the brands available right now, all in one place.

 History of Rose Water

Now , this section isn't essential to your decision- making, however it doesn't hurt to know where this beauty elixir came from. While history is definitely skewed towards economics, politics & warfare it does give us a bit of insight into the beauty rituals of kings and queens.

 If Cosmo, Elle or Harper's existed back then, they'd definitely report on ancient Romans, Greeks and Indians favouring rose petal baths over all others. Rose was known to have beautifying and aphrodisiac properties and going by the number of females vying for the king's attention, there was probably not much left that the women weren't willing to try.

The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, also favoured rose water and would regularly bathe her face and body with it. Even her cedarwood ships were scented with authentic rose water, a revelation that caused Shakespeare to exclaim “the very winds were lovesick” in his tragic drama Antony & Cleopatra.

 In today's more recent times, rose water is extracted from rose flowers through a steam distillation process that ensures their soothing and beautifying properties.

 Uses & Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water is probably the one product that does more than you think it does. It can be used in a various ways, either as a toner and face mist or mixed with other products such as face packs, glycerin (for a moisturiser) and scrubs.

 It contains healing, soothing and anti-oxidant properties which serve not only as a corrective solution to razor and sun burns but also as preventive action against environmental damage on the skin. While it is suited to all skin types, it is especially great for people with oily skin since it controls excess oil production by ensuring that your skin's pH balance is maintained and by tightening pores.

All in all, use it every way you like, as a face mist, toner, body fragrance and even on your hair!

With rose water, you just cannot go wrong.

 Our top picks

In order to bring you the most comprehensive story on Rose Water, we sent the team on a hunt to find as many rose waters they could. We then picked our top three from each price bracket and classified them under splurge, save and steal. Read on below to find out which one we picked from each price bracket and why:

Prestige Rose Waters- Splurge



 - Good Earth Amritam Rose Facial Mist

 Available at Good Earth stores and in their online shop, Amritam rose water claims to be distilled from the petals of the damask rose. The damask rose is grown all across India and is a hybrid variety of rose that is usually moderately pink or light red in colour. It has been used to make rose water since the beginning of the 11th century and is also the most widely used species of rose for food garnishings or edible purposes (gulkandh).

The Amritam rose facial mist comes in a pretty spray bottle packaging and has a subtle, fresh rose scent that is faint but lasts fairly long. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed and tends to stay that way for a while.

Price: Rs 550 for 120 ml

 - Saante Floral Toner

 Available on the MSM Shop here, Saante's Floral Toner is handcrafted with fresh & natural ingredients of rose & orange blossom. Not a pure-rosewater per se, this toner is perfect for combination skin types. It can be used both as a toner and as a face mist due to it's easy spray bottle action.

The Saante Floral Toner comes in a simple yet handy spray bottle and has a citrus fragrance. We love it because it smells and feels amazing!

Price: Rs 400 for 100 ml

- Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water

 Available in all Kama Ayurveda outlets, online and in your MSM Rose Box Select, Kama Ayurveda's Pure Rose Water is steam distilled and made from the roses of Kannauj. Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh is known for its perfumeries and ittar making units that have existed there for years.

Kama Ayurveda's Pure Rose Water also comes in a spray bottle and has a strong fresh rose fragrance. Regular use of this rose water and you will not want to switch to any other one. We've featured the 50ml rose water in our MSM Rose Box and can't wait for you to give it a try.

Price: Rs 795 for 250 ml

 Bridge Rose Water- Save



- Mantra Indian Rose Water

Available on the Mantra online store and in some hight street specialty stores, Mantra Rose water is parabens and SLS free. It is not tested on animals and contain no artificial colours or fragrance. It is also safe enough to be used as food flavouring- yum- rose tea anyone?

Mantra Indian Rose water is made of Rose centifolia flowers - which is another type of rose hybrid developed by Dutch floriculturists between the 17th -18th century. The scent of this rose water is the best out of all the ones we tested and lasts the longest as well. We did notice that your face appears fresh for a considerable amount of time. If you struggle with oily skin, this is the one for you.

Price: Rs 600 for 250 ml

- Ma Earth Rose Water Toner

 Available online on the MSM Shop here and at the En Inde store in New Delhi, Ma Earth's Rose Water Toner claims to be made with 100% pure rosewater and has no artificial fragrances or preservatives.

It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip top and has a potent smell of roses. It is best used when dabbed on your face and neck with cotton right after cleansing it.

Price: Rs 375 for 130 ml

- Fabindia Rose Facial Water

Available at Fabindia stores, Fabindia's Facial Water comes in a few different varieties including lavender and rose. We picked up the rose to review and it claims to be made with distillate of natural rose petals. It does not give any description about the kind of roses or much else.

It comes in a cute clear plastic spray bottle and has a milder fragrance than all of the other rose waters on this list. It works great at a setting spray after your make up and even as a mist during the day to control oily skin.

Price: Rs 240 for 100 ml

 Masstige Rose Water- Steal


 - Inveda Damascena Rose Toner

Available online here on the MSM Shop, Inveda Rose Toner comes in their classic brown and orange packaging and claims to be for all skin types. It is paraben free which is a plus however the only downside to it is its screw top which may result in spillage if you're a clumsy cat like me.

It has a strong rose fragrance so we recommend you buy it if you're a huge fan of rose fragrance.

Price: Rs 275 for 200 ml

- Khadi Pure Rose Water

Last on our list is Khadi's Pure Rose Water which is available online and across Khadi outlets in India. What we love about Khadi is its earthy packaging and the fact that it works closely with Indian cottage industries. It claims to be made with pure rose water and contains no artificial colours.

Price: Rs 90 for 210 ml

There you have it girl, our ultimate guide to rose water.

Our personal recommendation would be to go for ones that are as close to pure as possible :)

Stay gorgeous, xx


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