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XII Beauty Must-Do's This Autumn!

Posted on September 29 2015

You know winter is on it's way when you walk through a carpet of leaves, when the evenings get more pleasant and you can actually sit outside without fearing a heat stroke. As much as we love spring, autumn brings with itself a different kind of romance.

It's time to shed the old and embrace the new. We bring you twelve looks you must try this autumn. 

  • Messy Hair


A favourite among girls of the lazy clan, a messy hair do is a style statement you must flaunt this season. Whether it's a braid or the current favourite, half-bun, leave those strands astray and let the autumn wind tease it away! 

  • Blush Rush


For the days you miss the soft flush of spring, set your best face forward with just a slight blush rush. We recommend, Benefit Cosmetic's Benetint and MAC's Fleur powder blush.

  • Soft waves


Gone is the time when the humidity of the monsoons wreaked havoc with your hair. Your hair will slowly re-transform into it's real texture. What better than letting it fall in soft waves to frame your face.

  • Matte Nails


Our favourite trend this fall has got to be matte nails. Give those glossy hues a rest and pull out that matte top coat. Earthy matte colours make our heart skip a beat this fall.

  • Berry lips


Stepping out with deep, berry stained lips is finally acceptable. A "rich, velvety black plum lip" is a huge trend for fall, says Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Pro Lead Makeup Artist. Put those summer peachy hues aside and pull out those berry lippies.

  • Feathered brows


Gone are the days when women were spotted with thin, wispy brows. Autumn embraces brows in all their messy glory. Tip: Use a new toothbrush to brush your brows upwards and run the toothbrush above your brow in a horizontal motion to tuck those strays in.

  • Nude, fresh face


The trick to pulling of the nude, fresh face is to apply a moisturiser with just a little bit of concealer on your problem areas. Leave the rest be, your face is gorgeous as it is!

  • Graphic Eyeliner


It's time to let your eyes do all the talking, this season. Pull out that eyeliner and discover your own look. Don't be scared to go bold!

  • Luscious lashes


If there's a facial feature that really brings out your feminine side, it has got to be your lashes. Layer on that mascara with just a hint of eyeliner and you're good to go. Don't forget to bat those lashes all through! <3

  • Metallic hues


Put those pastels aside girl, cause their sexier, edgier cousin is here to steal your heart away. What's autumn without gold? Or silver? Or gun metal? You get the drift!

  • Fragrances


As much as we love flirty floral fragrances, autumn calls for richer notes of vanilla & musk. You'd agree that there's nothing better than curling up in a chunky sweater smelling of vanilla with your favourite book and a hot chocolate, with marshmallows please.

  • Highlighter


While it is beginning to get dull & gloomy make sure your face is lit up. While highlighting for autumn is less extreme that the other seasons, dab on just a little on your forehead, nose and cupids bow for the perfect fresh glow.

What looks are you most excited to try? Do tag us in your autumn looks and remember to stay gorgeous! xx


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