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5 Things You Need To STOP Doing For Beautiful Nails

Posted on September 26 2016

1. STOP using your nails as tools

We're all guilty of this some time or the other. It's tempting to use your nails to open staples, scrape off labels, unfasten key rings... the list is endless. Even though your nails may seem strong and don't bend or break when you subject them to this torture, our advice would be to stop it! Use the right tools for the job at hand and spare your poor nails.

2. STOP wearing nail paint - (for too long)

While we love beautifully manicured and painted hands and feet, it's never a good idea to constantly have your nails covered with enamel. While you probably remove the polish from your finger nails a lot more regularly, pedicures last much longer because toe nails grow much more slowly as compared to the nails on your hands. Make sure to give your nails some air by keeping them bare in between your colour appointments.

3. STOP peeling away your chipped manicure

Yes it looks unsightly, but rather than peeling off or picking away at your nail enamel, just take the whole thing off with a nail enamel remover. Picking at your nails just makes them weak and brittle

4. STOP starving your nails

Your nails are a very accurate reflection of your diet. Make sure you eat a balanced and nutritious diet complete with protein and vitamins (vitamin B12 and D are especially important) for healthy and strong nails.

5. STOP exposing your nails to chemicals

Household cleansers, detergents as well as dishwashing liquids contain harsh chemicals which cause your skin to dry out and also damage nails. Wear gloves while using these chemicals to protect your nails. If you do expose your nails to these cleansers, make sure you rinse and clean your hands afterwards and then apply a good, soothing cream to replenish and feed your nails.


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