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5 Super Easy Ways to Rescue Your Dry, Itchy Winter Skin

Posted on January 25 2017

It's the same story every year - all through summer everything seems to be full of life and your skin is in your control and you feel great! The moment December winds blow, your skin decides to freak out and stay red, dry, and itchy for the rest of the winter! If this is your story, then read on to discover 5 super easy ways to rescue your dry, itchy skin from the cold!

Slather on Coconut Oil


If you want to say goodbye to itchy skin forever, your organic coconut oil proves to be better than most moisturisers you own. It’s a natural emollient which traps moisture in your skin and it works best if you apply right out of the shower on semi damp skin. If you're in a hurry and cant wait for your skin to soak up all the oil before getting dressed, simply add a small dollop to your regular moisturizer and you’ll still get the benefits

Drink More Water


We all know that we HAVE to have 8 glasses of water a day regardless of the weather. But during winter, having even more than 2 glasses a day seems like a lot of effort and we dump the idea - which is exactly what we should NOT be doing. Some simple ways to up your water intake when the temperature drops is to switch to sipping warm water with a slice of lemon in it. Or try a fragrant peppermint tea which will keep you hydrated and fresh at the same time.

Keep Your Shower Temp In Check


When it’s cold, you crave nothing more than a hot shower. But it’s not helping your skin as it can be very drying and strips the skin of its natural oils. The heat from the shower softens the skin’s natural oil barrier, and soap washes it away. Without this barrier, skin easily loses moisture, leading to dryness, itchiness and irritation. It’s always good to take a lukewarm shower and keep it short (around 10 minutes or less). If you like to soak in a bath, set a timer before you get in so you don’t lose track of time.

Try Essential Oils


Essential oil is another quick fix for itchiness! Add a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil to your moisturizer. It calms irritated skin, smells nice and a little bit goes a long way! Be mindful though that essential oils should never be applied directly onto your skin, especially if it's dry and irritated. Apply it only after adding a drop to your favourite moisturiser or after shower lotion.

Eat Fatty Foods



It’s important to ensure a good dose of healthy fats in your daily diet, ones with good fats like omega-3s. Think fatty fish like salmon and tuna; green juice and things like avocado, flax seeds, nuts and olive oil are popular for hydration and anti-aging. And for good reason: the healthy fats help bolster the cell membrane and increase the skin’s ability to hold onto water—keeping it healthier and hydrated from within.


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