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How to get the Spotlight Eye Make-up Look

Posted on September 12 2015

 A trend we've been spotting a lot lately, is the “spot light” eye make up look. This look uses eye shadow placement in such a technique that it gives off a perception of larger, rounder eyes. The trick is to use a lighter shadow in between darker shades on your eyelids. The bright shadow at the centre of your lids redirects the light to the centre of your lids making them pop and appear wider. The best part of this look is that you can use a whole lot of colours and play around with it heaps.



Here's a step by step guide to getting the spotlight eye make up look right:


  • Prime your lids

This step goes without saying. An eye primer not only ensures that your eye make up doesn't crease, it also makes the colours pop while ensuring it stays put for longer. If you want your eye make up to be vibrant and last all day, apply a small amount from the lids up to the brow bone.

Our pick for best eye primer is Bodyography Canvas Eye Mousse available here.


  • Apply a base colour to your lid

A base colour is usually a mid to neutral tone colour applied to the crease to help blend out shadows. For the halo eye look, make sure your base colour is as neutral as possible.


  • Apply a mid- toned colour to the inner and outer corners of the lids

The best way to do this is to divide your lid into three sections vertically. Apply the mid-tone colour to your inner and outer corners. Whatever colour scheme you decide to go with, pick the medium tone of it for this step.


  • Darken the inner and outer corners of the lids

Use a smaller, more precise brush to darken the inner and outer corners. Take either black, or the darkest tone of the colour palette you're playing with for this step. Make sure you blend all of this in with a fluffy brush before moving on to the next step.


  • Apply a light colour to the centre of your lids

This is the most important step of the whole look. The colour for this look can be any finish -we prefer metallic and shimmery pearl shades. Make sure once the colour is applied you blend it seamlessly into your inner and outer corners.


  • Highlight the inner corner

Although the focus is the centre of your eyelids, applying a highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes really brightens and opens them up. You can apply the same shade you did to your centre lid.


  • Liner and lashes

For a more polished look, we recommend a thin eyeliner to your upper eye lid with a few coats of mascara.

Look no further than our eye palettes here to select one that works for you!

And there  -  you're done, gorgeous....

Now that you have your spotlight eyes, how about getting out there and letting it shine?


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