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XII Beauty Secrets and Make-Up Hacks You Have To Know

Posted on September 10 2015

If a cat-eye liner or contouring is not your everyday make up look, this blog post is for you.

There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you're a mile (to say the least) away from complicated make up routines and every time you do try and follow a youtube make up tutorial, you get distracted midway and end up watching cat videos instead.

 Having said that, who doesn't want to look fabulous?

 Next time you're running late to college, or would rather spend your free time plonked in front of your laptop instead of getting ready for that night out - strategise.

Slip in the following one or two make up hacks and enjoy your time off:


  • Drink a glass of water, first thing after brushing your teeth



Hollywood sweetheart Cameron Diaz swears by this!

All of that breathing in and out during the night, exhales a lot of moisture from your lungs.

Just imagine how much water you can lose during eight hours of breathing.

Because you can't replenish it while you're sleeping, you absolutely must when you wake up.

Trust me, you will feel it immediately!

  • Eyebrows is where the main game is at!




A study done by some very educated, academic looking people from a fancy sounding research institute claims that our eyebrows are probably the most important feature of our face.

They tested results by changing the shape of eyebrows on celebrities and realised that people picked up on the changes (or at least felt that something was different) more often than when they changed other features.

Hence, girl, focus on your eyebrows. Make sure they're shaped well, filled in and brushed.

  • Use a chubby stick on your lips




These things are so easy to use, you don't even need a mirror.

Use a bright shade to brighten your face and you'll look more ready that most!


  • If you don't have time for a facial: use a sheet mask



They're hydrating, they're easy to use and they make you look fresh!

Sheet masks are the next best thing to getting a facial at a salon. We recommend MaskerAide sheet masks.

  • Keep your make up remover on your bedside table




Sleeping with make up on WILL cause you to break out (take my word for it).

Keep your make up remover and cotton pads on your bedside table and you'll be thankful on nights you're too exhausted to stand by the sink for more than 30 seconds. (Don't make this a regular occurence though, only on extreme lazy day emergencies)

Trust me, no prince is going to come to kiss you awake if you have a face full of smudged make up.


  • Style your hair the night before


All you got to do is tie your hair in a loose low braid the night before and wake up to soft, easy waves in the morning. It really is that simple.


  • Stock up on products that can multi-task



A lipstick that works well as a cheek stain, an eye shadow that doubles up as highlighter, a BB cream that hydrates, moisturises and sun protects, you get the drift!


  • Carry oil blot paper in your bag

 These little mean machines blot your face of all excess oil while not messing up your makeup, giving your face a fresh look.

  • Use dark eyeshadow to fill in your brows for a soft, more natural effect

 To get a natural looking brow, use an eyeshadow that is one shade lighter than your natural colour with which to fill in your brows.

(Secret tip: a toothbrush works perfectly for brushing your brows!)

  • Use a disposable (or a clean, old) mascara wand to exfoliate your lips



Apply a little bit of lip balm and then gently flake away the dead skin with your mascara wand! 

  • Speaking of Mascara:



A new bottle of mascara may have more product than your lashes need, thus forming clumps.

Glide the wand on a tissue before application to remove any excess formula


  • Shave legs with conditioner


Don't bother about spending money on shaving foam - a hair conditioner works just as well.

It makes hair softer, thereby rendering it easier to shave. 

And that's all you need to know to get by for now.

For more tips, hacks and how-to's keep following us!




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