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Top 5 Instagram Beauty Trends You May Have Missed Out On

Posted on August 24 2015

Whether it is trend spotting, ex-stalking or blogger following, Instagram is the place to be!

We bring you five beauty trends from Instagram that were (and still are) quite the rage!


  • Heart Hair

This has got to be our number one instagram beauty trend. Kicked off by Kendall Jenner's (@kendalljenner) record breaking heart hair picture- which by the way was the most liked picture on Instagram, EVER - girls around the world took pictures of their hair in heart shapes and posted it on their Instagram accounts.

Girls in Korea, took the trend up one notch by posting pictures of heart shaped fringes that are so cute, we could die! (we can't wait to try this one out for ourselves!)


  • Multi-Masking

Now this is one of those trends that has got us wondering why we missed out on this all along.

Multi-masking is basically using more than one face mask on seperate areas for your face.

It is a fact that different parts of your face have different needs - for example, you could have an oily T-zone but dry cheeks.

What multi-masking does is, it allows you to use face masks for targeted actions. Girls around the world did not hold back from posting cute-sy pictures with multi masks on their faces.


  • Lip Plumping

Kylie Jenner wasn't too far behind big sister Kendall when it came to setting instagram trends on her own!

Her world famous pout got girls experiment with temporary lip enhancement tools that took instagram by storm. Over night we had an onslaught of big pouts.

Well...what can we say...we like big lips and cannot lie.


  • Clown Contouring

Just when you thought you finally got the hang of contouring along came its big, bad version - the clown contouring.

Started by international make up artist BellaDeLune (@belladelune) clown contouring is an exaggerated method of applying highlighters, shadows and blush that initially looks like a circus performer's face but appears flawless when blended.

Needless to say, this fun trend had a lot of takers. (we might just do a tutorial on this one!)


  • Bubble Nails

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along came bubble nails.

This has got to be the weirdest beauty trend ever!

As odd as this may sound, we feel a VERY odd attraction to these - not the kind that says “I want this” but the kind that confuses you so much, you can't help but obsess over it.

If someone has tried this, please tell us when, how and most importantly -  WHY?!!

What beauty trends did you spot on Instagram?

Did you experiment with any?

Tag us at @msmboxindia and show us your favourite beauty trend!




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