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MSM Beauty Squad Product Review - Benefit Posiebalm

Posted on August 09 2015

The MSM Beauty Squad is here to give you honest, heartfelt reviews to all the beauty, skin care and life style products you want to try. Acquaint yourself with who we are and then read on to know what each one of us has to say about the pick of the week- Benefit Cosmetic's Posiebalm.


What are we reviewing?

This week, the Beauty Squad is reviewing Benefit Cosmetic's Posiebalm. Benefit Cosmetics is one of our favourite make-up brands and we're always so excited when we spot their products in the MSM Boxes. The best part is, we also get you guys to try products that haven't officially launched in India yet- one of them being the Posie Balm.

So you really are the lucky ones here!

Benefit Cosmetics has four cheek and lip tints- the benetint (a pretty rose hue), the posietint (a pretty peachy pink hue), the lollitint (a candy pink hue) and the chachatint (a orangey hue). Each of these tints come with their corresponding balms (benebalm, posiebalm, lollibalm and the chachabalm). Since the tints could be a little dry on the lips for some, they can be used with their matching balms, or you could use just the balms for a pretty tinted lip balm look.

While the tints are available in India at Sephora, the balms are yet to make an appearance.

We can't wait to have them hit the shelves really soon!



The posie balm comes in a characteristically cute Benefit Cosmetics kitschy and pretty packaging. The packaging is so cute, we can't help but fall in love with it.

How much does it cost?

Like we said before, the posiebalm has not yet been launched in India. This review is for all those lucky girls who got their posie balms with their MSM Boxes :)

Overseas it costs £14.50 or $18.00.

Intro to product or product category:

Benefit Cosmetics is a San Francisco based make-up brand that launched in India in 2014 across Sephora stores. We absolutely love their kitschy packaging and fun product names (Gimme Brow, Agent POREfessional, Dream Screen). Appearances aside, Benefit Cosmetics products really do work!

Most of us are hoarders of lip balms (especially Diva) and tinted lip balms make our obsession just more fun! Since we love in such a hot-pot of a country, fresh, light make up is our go-to look. One of the quickest ways to summer-ify your look is to ditch matte or heavy lipsticks and opt for sheer tinted lip balms.

How it works. And What does the Product Claim?

Benefit Cosmetics claims that Posiebalm conditions & hydrates with mango butter and sodium hyaluronate. This poppy-pink tinted kiss of sheer, buildable color gives you the softest, prettiest lips.

 All you have to do is glide it over your bare lips or over your favourite tint for the perfect pucker up! The colour is buildable, so you can layer it up for intensity.



What we thought:

Overall, the squad is head over heels in love with the Posiebalm. Read what we love about it the most below: 

  • Diva: Lip Balm junkie - that's what they call me. Little do they realise that the title is acquired after sifting through, using, reviewing, trashing and overall loving a whole lot of lip balms. This is my area of expertise and I will not shy away from saying that Benefit Cosmetics Posie Balm is one of the best there is. I first disovered this while travelling overseas a few years ago. My first impressions with regards to the packaging and the size was that it is perfect for my to-go vanity case. Doesn't hurt to see that it is cute too! If I was to compare it to my favourite Burts Bees lip balm - I'd have to say that it is much more smoother to apply and provides great hydration in the dehydrating Indian summers. It is not as sticky as the body shop lip balms and has a lovely mid-rose fragrance. The staying power rivals most lip balms in the market and I love how it provides just enough colour to my lips to make them look peachy pink! This is a must-have for all the lip balm lovers out there.


  • Kat: "never having met a pink lipstick I didn't like" does NOT mean that I indiscriminately favour all things pink. In fact I am quite discerning about which ones get the thumbs up from me. So when I was first introduced to posiebalm at a Benefit counter a few years ago, it was quite a stern once-over that this particular rose tinted balm received. While its close cousin the Posietint has been a staple in my beauty wardrobe for a while, the balm was proposed as a great way to complement and finish the tint. Needless to say posiebalm had me at hello, and we have been in a great relationship ever since :-) Highly recommended for all skin tones and I love how it keeps my posietint lip stain going for hours.


  • Shaz : My review may be a tad biased cause it was love at first sight for me when I saw posiebalm. I cannot imagine anything inside that lovely rose gold packaging to be anything less than perfect. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. The posiebalm is one of the best lip tints I have tried. The colour is light, fresh and suits my skin tone perfectly. My lips feel hydrated and super soft after application and stay that way for hours. It has a light, pleasant scent that reminds me of candy. Additionally, it serves as a perfect base for lip stains and I love pairing this up with my benetint for perfectly flushed lips! For all of you who got to try this product with your MSM Box, consider yourselves lucky! I can't wait for posiebalm's official launch in India.



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