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Monsoon Fashion From MSM - 5 Easy Tips to Follow

Posted on July 25 2015

 Alright, love it or hate it, monsoons are here and you definitely do not want to look wet & sweaty.

 While it is a much needed break from the rising mercury, it also makes for the trickiest season for fashion lovers. There are however, sneaky ways to play around with the weather- wreaking havoc and to look your absolute best this season.

 Read along to discover our top five tips to make the most out of your monsoon wardrobe!


  • Have you cotton yet? Oh, never mind, linen be.

The most important thing to do while picking your outfit for the monsoon is to set the base right. There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking around in clothes that take ages to dry (chiffons, denims and silks) or don't work well in this humidity (polyesters or any other synthetic fabric). It is best to stick to breathable, light fabrics like cottons and linens that allow your skin to breathe, dry faster when wet and help you deal with monsoon's sticky humdity.

It's a good thing that cottons are available abundantly in lots of different patterns, textures and prints. Our favourites prints this season are either the big floral kinds for days we feel extra girly or the quirky prints when we're looking for that extra bit of individuality.


  • What are you waiting for? Scrunch it like you do, scrunch, scrunch, scrunch it like you do

Monsoon is also the time to experiment with the creative designer in you. Fold up your denims, or scrunch and knot the bottom of your maxi dresses & skirts. Not only will you save the hems of your floor length dresses and skirts but you might also just end up making a fashion statement!


  • Culottes make a comeback!

We know these have been your favourite items of clothing all through summer but sometimes comebacks are important without needing to be last season. When you're done folding up your jeans and scrunching up your maxi skirts, pull out those culottes you couldn't get enough of in summer and flaunt them with abandon!


  • Heels away

They say, heels help you walk with grace and enhance your posture (on a side note, my flat footed self hates the person who said this with much passion) but it might be a good idea to hold off those stilettos in the monsoon.

To a third person, you will look like someone with spider legs while manouvering the puddles. Save yourself the unwanted attention and stick to either wedge heels, water proof sandals or ballet flats.


  • White-me-not!

Abstract art is greatly appreciated worldwide. If you're a fan I suggest you go to your next abstract art gallery opening - do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT allow any budding artist on a two wheeler make your white clothes their canvas.

Avoid whites and lighter palettes this monsoon the same way you avoid older people who generously offer to take a picture of you instead of a selfie you're trying to snapchat to your bestie. (Has that happened to anybody else here? Or is it just me?)


And there you have it - our top 5 easy monsoon fashion tips.

Share your monsoon fashion pictures with us using the hashtag #MonsoonMagic if you do follow or recreate any of these tips.




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