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MSM Beauty Squad Product review - Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil

Posted on July 17 2015

The MSM Beauty Squad is here to give you honest, heartfelt reviews to all the beauty, skin care and life style products you want to try. Acquaint yourself with who we are and then read on to know what each one of us has to say about the pick of the week - Root's Professional Morocvita Argan Oil!



What are we reviewing?

This week, the MSM Beauty Squad is putting the Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil under the scanner. After all the buzz it has created since it featured in the July MSM Boxes as well as on the MSM Shop, the beauty squad decided to share their own personal experience of having tested it's claims ...

This is going to be our toughest review yet, so keep reading to find out what we have to say!

How much does it cost?

The Roots Professional Morocvita Oil is Rs 995 for 40ml and Rs 2000 for 120 ml.

It is available for purchase on the MSM Shop here

Intro to product or product category:

Argan oil is basically extracted from the kernel of the Argan tree that is found mainly in Morocco. Argan oil is the biggest cosmetic outbreak of the 21st century (and you thought BB creams were the bomb?). It is made up of tocopherols (toco-what?) and natural vitamin E constituents. We alll know how beneficial Vitamin E is in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. Apart from these, the natural oils and acids found in Moroccan oil are best used for moisturizing the skin & hair. Because of its highly nutritive and cosmetic value, Argan oil has really captured the attention of both skin & hair care manufacturers and consumers.

 Argan Oil has plenty of uses ranging from moisturiser to toner to hair conditioner but it is most popularily used for hair care. Due to its easy absorption properties, it has really caught on as a post shower leave in hair conditioner. 

How it works:

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil is natural and 100% organic product, enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and essential fatty acids. The oil gets absorbed into the hair shaft which then adds lustre and an overall healthy hair appearance.

 And What does the Product Claim?

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil claims to be non greasy. It also claims to instantly absorb into the hair thus adding luster to dry ,damaged hair. It also protects the hair from harmful UV rays and environmental pollution.

 Directions of use:

Take a small quantity of MorocVita oil and work through damp or dry hair to instantly get soft, tangle free and shiny hair.

What we thought:

Overall, the squad had an amazing experience with Roots Professional Morocvita Oil. Read on to discover hair type specific reviews from the squad:

  • Diva (Dry Hair):

I have used Argan Oil enriched products in the past, and the Roots Morocvita Oil is very similar to those. It is thick in consistency and has a fairly neutral smell. I have dry, frizzy hair and hence I used this on my hair while my hair was still damp. I took a pea sized amount and ran my fingers through my shoulder length hair from mid shaft level. I then styled my hair and took out another pea sized amount to tame the fly aways and frizz on my head.

The Roots Morocvita oil absorbs really easily and definitely takes a whole lot of frizz out. It didn't really do much for me in terms of shine and smoothness but I don't blame it, I'm pretty sure my hair is untameable in those regards! I'll definitely recommend using it during the monsoon to keep the frizz levels down.


  • Kat (Oily Scalp, Dry Length and Ends): As you may remember from previous reviews I am on a constant quest for that one particular product that will render my dry hair manageable and sleek! The Roots Morocvita oil is one step in the right direction for me, and not just for the monsoon months.

My hair absorbs it right away, without looking greasy or weighed down. It is a super post-shower treatment, after towelling dry and before adding any styling or heat protectant. I also found it effective on dry hair, as a finishing touch to eliminate any frizz.

Coincidentally, I received a great tip from my hairdresser, which is a must-try for all you DIY fans : add a few drops of the Roots Morocvita Argan Oil to your hair mask , conditioner or - gasp - hair colour and see the difference it makes! 

  • Shaz (Oily Scalp, Dry Ends): I have been a fan of Argan Oil ever since my hair stylist applied some to my freshly trimmed & blow dried hair back in 2010. I used it as a post shampoo treatment for years while I was studying overseas. I also bought stacks of this when I moved back here but alas, all good things come to and end and so did my supply of Argan Oil. Eventually I moved on to other leave-in hair oils and serums but nothing really caught my fancy.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about Roots Professional Morocvita Oil and couldn't wait to try it. The oil is thicker than the ones I have used before but then it is also 100% organic. I took a small amount on my palm, rubbed my hands together and then gently started running my hands through my hair from the mid shaft level. I don't mean to sound dramatic but it really was like magic. If you've watched the bit where Bella transforms in Breaking Dawn part 1 and seen the bit where her hair changes colour and becomes all shiny, silky and smooth....yea? That's what goes on here. You can see your hair absorbing the oil so easily and becoming smooth and shinier in the process.

My recommendation would be to avoid using this on your scalp if it is oily like mine.

However this is a multi purpose oil so feel free to use any leftovers as a hand and nail cream - it works really well!




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