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MSM Beauty Squad Product Review - L'Occitane Revitalising Fresh Shampoo & Sebamed Everyday Shampoo

Posted on July 04 2015

The MSM Beauty Squad is here to give you honest, heartfelt reviews of all the beauty, skin care and life style products you want to try. Acquaint yourself with who we are and then read on to know what each one of us has to say about the pick of the week.

This week the MSM Beauty Squad is reviewing two daily use shampoos- L'Occitane En Provence's Revitalising Fresh Shampoo & Sebamed's Everyday Shampoo.


What are we reviewing?

Like we said last time, monsoon is here! While we're busy dealing with our skin issues, we can't help but focus on our hair routine as well. Hair go all kinds of crazy with the monsoon weather and the beauty squad just can't bear to watch all of you struggle.

This week, the Beauty Squad is reviewing not one but two daily use shampoos- L'Occitane's Revitalising Fresh Shampoo and Sebamed's Everyday Shampoo.



How much does it cost?

  • L'Occitane En Provence Revitalising Fresh Shampoo (300 ml) is Rs 1460/-
  • Seba Med's Everyday Shampoo (200 ml) is Rs 630/-

 Intro to product or product category:

L'Occitane En Provence, as the name suggests, is a French natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products manufacturer and retailer. The brand is based on the values of the Latinity (senses, warmth, color) and an idealized vision of Provence. L'Occitane opened it's first store in India in 2010 and is quite a favourite among prestige beauty consumers.

Seba Med on the other hand is a German brand that prides itself on the science of healthy skin. All Seba Med products aim to restore the skin's pH balance to a healthy 5.5.

While half the world is moving towards the no poo movement (basically, there is a school of thought that promotes the idealogy that washing your hair with only water is all that is needed for healthy hair. Don't believe us? Google it!) there is also a parallel movement in the beauty industry that says it is okay to wash your hair everyday as long you use the right mild shampoo. That's where a daily use shampoo steps in! A daily use shampoo is a mild concoction designed to be used everyday without stripping your hair of its natural oils. That means you get fresh hair everyday without worrying about subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals. We're all for it this season!

How it works

A daily use shampoo works just like another shampoo (no surprises there!) in terms of application. The only difference is what it is made of. Both L'Occitane's Revitalising Fresh Shampoo and Seba Med's Everyday Shampoo are mild with minimal-to-none harsh chemicals.

 L'Occitane's Revitalising Fresh Shampoo is silicone free whereas the Sebamed Everyday Shampoo is soap and alkali free. Both shampoos are meant to be used on wet hair and to be rinsed after 1-2 minutes (told you, no surprise there!)

 And What does the Product Claim?

  • L'Occitane Revitalising Fresh Shampoo claims to be a daily silicone free shampoo that helps to revitalise for a long- lasting refreshing sensation, helping hair to stay cleaner for longer. Its formula combines 5 essential oils and a purifying plant-based vinegar to free hair from everyday buildup. Its gentle foaming base is energizing and leaves hair lightweight and full of energy.
  • Seba Med's Everyday Shampoo has been developed by dermatologists and claims to protect the natural balance of hair and scalp. Gentle enough for daily use, this mild formula does not strip natural oils or irritate scalp as soap-based shampoos can. It help to maintain the intrinsic structural integrity of hair thus enhancing it's sheen and leaving hair soft and healthy looking.

 What we thought:

Overall, the squad had a neutral to positive experience with the two daily use shampoos.   Read on to know what each one of us had to say about this new monsoon beauty hack.

  • Diva (Dry Hair, Uses Hair Colour): 

L'Occtiane's Revitalising Fresh Shampoo defintiely caught my attention. Let's be honest, it is monsoon - the worst time of the year for dry hair! My scalp needs all the prep it can get. The minty sensation made my scalp feel super fresh while washing and rinsing. My hair definitely felt clean post wash.

 With Seba Med's Everyday Shampoo, the word “mild” is what aroused my interest. After all, my super dry hair needs a lot of product to tame it. The Seba Med comes in a easy dispensible packaging and has a light lather. Once I rinsed my hair, it felt clean but not bereft of moisture. Guessing that's what the pH balance is all about!

 Neither shampoo made my hair extra soft though (sad face) but I must add on that while one made my hair feel minty fresh the other really made me feel like my scalp was clean.

My suggestion is to swap one for the other depending on the season, mild for cold winter and revitalising for hot summer :)

  • Kat (Oily Scalp, Dry Hair, Sensitised Ends, Uses Hair Colour)

My super dry, frizzy hair is the bane of my life and I am constantly on the lookout for that one amazing hair cleaning product that will help keep it clean while at the same time not strip it of its already low oil reserves!

The monsoon with its high humidity levels is naturally my least favourite time of the year - frequent (if not daily) shampoos are necessary to keep my scalp clean, but the lengths and ends just end up feeling stripped and dry.

Both these frequent use shampoos were therefore a welcome addition to our user testing program, as you can imagine!

First off - the L'Occitane Revitalising Fresh Shampoo. This is an old favourite of mine and I have been using it for a few years already. It does not lather too much but is gentle and effective in cleaning my scalp, with a fresh tingly sensation afterwards. I am a sucker for essential oils and the spa like ambience they generate in the shower, so this is a big plus for me while using L'Occitane products.

The Sebamed Everyday Shampoo is an equally mild cleanser with minimal fragrance. This shampoo too does not lather but does leave the hair feeling cleansed and without any product build up. My scalp tends to react at times to soap based cleansers but the ph balancing claim of the Sebamed product seems to have worked.

I was very keen to see if I could abandon my pre-wash oiling ritual that seems to be a necessity with most shampoos. Sadly, my hair seemed to not be happy with even these mild cleansers. Since I have an oily scalp I apply virgin coconut or ayurvedic bhringadi oil to the length and ends for an hour or so before I shampoo. I had to stick with this routine even with these mild shampoos. I followed up the shampoo with a rinse off conditioner, and then applied a leave in serum with vitamin E to my towel dried hair.

  • Shaz (Oily Scalp, Dry Ends, Does Not Colour)

Due to my scalps very own oil manufacturing unit, I wash my hair every alternate day otherwise I risk looking like a french fry -  just not as appealing! I was quite excited to try these daily use shampoos because washing my hair everyday is something I have contemplated on numerous occasions.

 The first thing that struck me when I opened the L'Occitane bottle was its amazing fragrance. It smells like mint but not in a toothpaste-y way. I checked the ingredients and sure enough there was mint in there! When you apply the L'Occitane shampoo on to your scalp there is a sure shot menthol cool sensation on your head. It is unlike anything I have experienced before! It kind of feels like someone rubbed a little bit of Vicks Vapo Rub on your scalp. I always condition my ends because, you know, bipolar hair, and did so when I tried the L'Occitane shampoo as well. My hair definitely felt light and shiny after use. I would really fight my laziness to use this shampoo everyday if I had to. It's absolutely perfect for these hot monsoon days. Oh and don't even get me started on how good this feels when you take an impromptu shower one evening after a long week at work and change into your jammies. * heaven *

 The Seba Med on the other hand is the brain without as much beauty. The packaging is plain but don't let that fool you for a second here. It may not be fragranced like the L'Occitane shampoo but it feels equally good for your hair. No menthol freshness here but you do feel like this one knows what it is doing when your hair feels much lighter without any product build up.

For all of you struggling with monsoon hair, give either of these shampoos a try. I recommend both. If you're willing to splurge, go for the L'Occitane Revitalising Fresh Shampoo and if not, good old Sebamed will set you right :)


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