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Last Blog of the Month #TouristOrTraveller

Posted on June 30 2015

wanderlust (n): A strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.
Have you ever felt this desire? A sudden urge to just leave..... go far, far away, meet new people.... experience different cultures?
I have.
When i'm bored, or tired, or even just fed up with the amount of math homework I have. But, when I feel all these emotions, I've noticed that never, not even once, have I thought of the technical details. The must-see monuments, or even about updating my facebook status. I just want to go, not on a planned trip but a spontaneous one. I feel like a traveller. 
Let's take the literal meaning from a dictionary - 
A "tourist" is defined as - one that plans a guided tour for pleasure,
and a "traveller" is defined as - one who goes on a trip or a journey.
At first it feels like there is not much of a distinction between the two.
But, looking closely one will realize that a guided tour is wildly different from a journey.
What about you?
Do you like visiting all the famous streets and staying in the centre of action?
Or simply just going with the flow?
What do you understand better? what do you define yourself as? A #touristortraveller?
"Eat, sleep, travel the world."


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