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Spa in the Sky with MSM

Posted on June 15 2015

A while ago we wrote this blog on how to pamper yourself with your very own spa experience while travelling.

The article obviously touched a chord in a lot of you because very soon we were inundated with responses from our readers.

We got so many recommendations and suggestions - not to mention feedback  - on this story that we had to update our list. And what better time to do so than this month, with our travel theme! 

So once again, we bring you a few tips and some great new products to help you create your very own SPA experience on your next long haul flight.


  • We've said it before, and we'll say it again - the number one reason why your hair and skin feel so beat up when you get off a flight is DEHYDRATION. So while you enjoy that glass of wine, do not skimp on the water intake. Keep sipping the good stuff...


  • Dress COMFORTABLY for your flight. MSM has you covered on ways and means to combine style with practicality and comfort. Just read this for some easy tips. 


  • Wear minimum make-up when you get to the airport. Your skin needs to be able to BREATHE and wearing all those layers for 8-10 hours in a hermetically sealed canister is not going to help. A tinted moisturiser is just perfect if you feel you need a bit of colour on your cheeks.


  • Once on board and comfortably seated, it's time to unpack your SPA KIT - let the pampering begin! You will need to be a bit thick skinned and ignore the strange looks you may get at first from your co-passengers. Once they see how radiant you look when you get off that flight, they are going to wish they had taken notes!


  • First step is CLEANSING, even if you only had moisturiser on when you left the house. We were big fans of these cleansing tissues from Innisfree, till one of our readers recommended micellar water as a great way to cleanse while travelling. Our favourite so far has to be the Vichy Normaderm Micellar Water - it's gentle yet effective in removing makeup and impurities. Just apply some on a cotton swab and lightly wipe across your face.



  • Don't forget those tresses. The dry air, high altitude and compressed cabin atmosphere is not very kind to your hair or scalp. Run a leave in CONDITIONER or SERUM through the length of your hair and tie back in a loose pony or low bun. The MSM beauty squad recommends Kiehl's Rehydrating Leave-in Treatment with Moringa Tree Oil, or Tea Tree Hair Nourishing Cream from The Nature's Co. or the Vitamin E and A enriched Morocvita Oil from Roots.



  • Smooth on a FACE MASQUE. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack forms a clear layer on your skin. You will be surprised at how your thirsty skin will absorb this mask in the dry cabin air, making reapplication necessary. Sisley Express Flower Gel is also highly recommended by some of our frequent flyer readers. Our most recent discovery has to be the amazing MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks, drenched in Argan Oil based serum. They come in super cute packaging - we found Beauty Rest'ore with Lavender Oil to be the most relaxing and effective on a flight. 




  • Now is the time to dab on some EYE CREAM and LIP BALM. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Swivel Stick is one of the best things you can carry on board. It can be used on cuticles, elbows, dry hands and lips. We bought it originally to use just as a lip balm but then realised how amazingly versatile this product is. It is now a staple on all flights! 



  • A short while before landing use a CLEANSING TISSUE or cotton wool to wipe away any traces of the masque that might linger. We are partial to Kama Ayurveda's Rose Water or Vichy Eau Thermale to get our skin tingling and ready as we prepare to deplane.




  • And that's it! Follow up with your moisturiser or makeup if you need to. Trust us - you will feel and notice the difference in your skin and hair as you get off the plane. Not to mention the envious looks from your fellow travellers :-) While the procedure may seem cumbersome and long winded, it’s actually quite painless. And if you feel that life gets especially hectic just before a long flight then you will find yourself looking forward to this quiet “me” time with your very own SPA IN THE SKY!


(A quick note to those who need it: Airlines restrict your carry-on liquids to 100 ml. So please check your “spa bag” and make sure you do not exceed this limit per bottle. We love our MSM monthly box beauty products for this reason. Or simply decant your favourite products into handy plastic travel containers available at most chemists.)


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