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MSM Beauty Squad Product Review - MaskerAide Sheet Masks

Posted on June 13 2015

The MSM Beauty Squad is here to give you honest, heartfelt reviews to all the beauty, skin care and life style products you want to try. Acquaint yourself with who we are and then read on to know what each one of us has to say about the pick of the week- MaskerAide Sheet Masks.



What are we reviewing?

This week, the Beauty Squad is reviewing a fairly recent entrant into the Indian beauty market  -  MaskerAide Sheet Masks. Maskeraide launched in India last year and has caught the fancy of quite a few beauty aficionados here. We review why!

 MaskerAide sheet masks are available in several variations, catering to your every need, whim or fancy. They come in super cute packaging with really innovative names. Spoilt for choice, the MSM Beauty Squad picked three different masks to review. Diva tried the MaskerAide All Nighter, Kat gave the Weather Warrior a try and Shaz picked the Pre-Party Prep Sheet Mask.



 How much does it cost? Each of the sheet masks are priced at Rs 400. You can order your own from www.maskeraide.co.in.

 Intro to product or product category: MaskerAide is a line of eco-friendly hydrating sheet masks. The MSM Beauty Squad first became aware of Maskeraide through their website. We have to say that their insanely cute packaging and range of different sheet masks had us hooked. We ordered our first lot then and haven't looked back since.

 How it works - 


MaskerAide claims that their sheet masks are drenched in a highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum that is jam packed with vitamins and nutrients.

All you have to do is cleanse your face, tie your hair up, apply the sheet mask on your face and relax for 10-20 minutes. (Read through MSM Blogs while you're waiting, they're so fun and informative!)

 MaskerAide uses two types of serums for their sheet masks-

  • The clear serum is lighter in consistency, is great for day or night time use and before makeup application (clear serum masks include the All Nighter and the Pre Party Prep).
  • The cream based serum is slightly heavier and is recommended for use in the evening and when relaxing before bed (The Weather Warrior is a cream based serum mask).

 And What does the Product Claim?

  • Diva: The All Nighter mask sheets have peppermint oil to awaken your senses. Heart leaf (a powerful detoxifier), honey, super fruit and cactus extracts work together to erase the signs of the previous night and get you “boardroom” ready!
  • Kat: MaskerAide says its Weather Warrior mask sheets have aloe, green tea, witch hazel and argan oil to soothe, calm and heal your skin.
  • Shaz: The Pre Party Prep claims to brighten, energise and prime your skin. It claims to have a silky, lightweight blend of natural argan oil, orange peel oil, super fruit extracts, rice extract and honey.

 What we thought:

Overall, the MaskerAide sheet masks are fun, easy to use and leave the skin feeling refreshed, supple and hydrated. The masks come oozing with serum and you definitely feel like you've got something good going there. Read on to know what each one of us had to say about the individual MaskerAide Sheet Masks tested by us.


  • Diva (Oily Skin): I tried the All Nighter over the weekend, to get ready for a hectic week at work! I kept the sheet mask in the refrigerator for 15 mins before application to up the cool quotient in this over heated weather :-) The All Nighter mask serum is hydrating, and best of all is parabens free. I applied the mask for 20 minutes on a freshly cleansed face, gently pressing the mask and serum into my skin. Skin felt hydrated and regenerated after the application. Most of the serum had been absorbed and that extra bits just got massaged into my neck and hands after removing the mask.

          Additionally, I loved the colourful packaging and how the sheet masks are super filled with the serum. I                 ended up picking up a couple more for future use!

  • Kat (Dry Skin): I took the Weather Warrior along with me on a weekend trip out of town. It was a really warm weekend and I had a fair amount of sun exposure. Since I always wear sunscreen I did not have any sunburn after my day out, but my skin did feel like it was in need of some TLC. The Weather Warrior mask serum is creamy in consistency, and best of all is fragrance free - for me, a big bonus point in products going on my face! I applied the mask for 15 minutes on a freshly cleansed face, gently pressing and massaging the mask and serum into my skin. Skin felt soft, hydrated and most importantly - soothed - after the mask. It did feel like the harsh effect of the sun had been considerably neutralised. Most of the serum had been absorbed so did not need to apply any moisturiser after removing the mask.

          Loved their cute, girly packaging and how the sheet masks are literally dripping with the serum. I ended up           using the sheet mask on my face (of course) and then keeping the excess serum in a clean jar in the fridge           for use a few days later.

  • Shaz (Combination Skin): I tried the Pre Party Prep on a Friday evening after a busy day at work. Not that I needed any more reason to tear open that cute packaging to try the MaskerAide sheet mask - but a perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of a family dinner party at home that night. I opened up my MaskerAide pre-party prep mask and lay flat on my bed for a short snooze. The quantity of serum in the mask is unbelievable. Judging by the quantity of serum left over, there definitely was enough for me to run some over my neck and arms. Needless to say, all the aunties thought I looked lovely (trust me, their opinions are not biased. I may be their flesh and blood but in my family, compliments are not something we throw around needlessly). Even otherwise, I felt a definitive brightness to my face after taking the mask off. If you're looking for a quick pick me up right before a dinner party or a brunch date, the Pre Party Prep should be your beauty must have!


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