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3 Super Simple Ways To Combine Tops And Bottoms!

Posted on March 05 2017

When it comes to choosing tops and bottoms, mix and match is the key! 

Here are 3 simple tips to help you avoid any fashion faux pas.

Tip 1: Dealing with the Contrasts



In today's world of fashion, participating in the game of contrast is a 'must.' Pair the right contrasting colours when it comes to tops and the bottoms. For example, if you are wearing a printed top, you can pair it up with a bottom whose colour will be present in the prints of your top. You can also wear a jacket or a shrug whose colour should be complementing your top as well as the bottom.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the Colour Wheel



Yes, we advise you to pay attention to the colour wheel when you mix and match your tops with your bottoms. Choosing the exact opposite colour might appear overwhelming to the eyes, but “catch the eye” it certainly will!

Tip 3: Do not overdo the Patterns/Prints



Covering yourself from head to toe with prints or design will end up making you look like a clown. Therefore, choose wisely rather than over doing the print/pattern. If you are wearing a printed top, choose a plain or solid bottom and vice-versa. You can also pair your pants/trousers with a jacket or a shrug of same print if you wish to layer.



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