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3 Easy Ways To Detoxify Your Beauty Closet

Posted on January 28 2017

January is a cleansing, renewing time of the year.

It's the month we make new resolutions and pledge ourselves to being healthy and fit.

Now, while those resolutions may or may not last (such as the ones associated with - ahem - going to the gym), here's one that shouldn't be such a chore to live up to.

It's also probably one that you haven't really given much thought to.

It's time, gorgeous, to spare some thought for your makeup stash and to detox and cleanse your beauty wardrobe.!


Now while it may sound overwhelming, let us assure you that it's anything but. Here are three easy steps to keep in mind while sorting through your collection.


Toss out anything that has expired - mascaras don't last beyond three months once opened. An eyeliner pencil will keep going for up to 2 years since it gets sharpened after almost every use. However gel eyeliners in a pot only last 6-8 months. Powder cosmetics like blush and eye shadow last longer than cream ones do, say about 1-2 years. It's best to not get sentimental about old makeup - just toss and think about all the exciting new things that will be replacing them!

2) Keep Only What You LOVE

A common mistake we all tend to make is to keep something in our makeup bag which we don't really like or even use. Go through the umpteen shades of lipsticks, nail paints, eye liners and shadows cluttering your shelves and keep only those you LOVE, and which make you feel GORGEOUS when you wear them. Be honest with yourself. Share what you don't use with someone else who will treat them better! While you're at it, we're not saying you have to be boring and safe - don't be afraid to experiment with a bold lipstick, or an emerald green eyeshadow or a plum eye liner..

3) Watch Out For These Ingredients

If you want to take your detox really seriously, read labels and start looking out for ingredients such as parabens, petrolatum and synthetic colours. It's wise to not swing to the other extreme and try to make it happen overnight. Not only can such an approach be wasteful and environmentally unfriendly, it can be very costly! And third, just like extreme diets, it often doesn’'t work. So start with looking through all your makeup products, identifying the ones with undesirable ingredients and looking for alternatives that have fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients.



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