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Every Guy's Easy Grooming Guide

Posted on May 28 2015

Let's face it guys, being you ain't easy. You don't know where to draw the line between looking well-groomed and being over obsessed with your appearance.

Sure, you rely on what you see on TV, but expecting John Abraham's or Virat Kohli's clean, non-oily skin or getting girls to stick to you like magnet after spraying some deodorant is also referred to as being delusional.

We truly understand your dilemmas and hassles and bring you some easy grooming hacks that will make you look better and feel amazing!

  • Keep your razors sharp with the blue jean technique:

It is essential you keep your razors sharp to avoid nicks and cuts and an overall clean shave.

A simple, yet effective hack is to use the heavily publicised blue jean technique.

All you have to do is -  pull out a pair of blue denims and run the razor (away from you) for the length of a pair of old jeans, about 10-20 times. You don't need to apply much pressure. Once done, turn the razor and run it towards you for another 10-20 times. 



  • Swap shaving cream for hair conditioner:

Hair conditioners do exactly as they say- they condition the hair on your head leaving it smoother, shinier and softer.

A couple of friends tried hair conditioner on their face as an alternative to shaving cream and haven't gone back since.

Give this a try next time you run out of shaving cream and see what you think of it.


  • Cut your nails after stepping out from a hot shower:

Staying in a shower for a while softens your nails and makes it easier to cut them. Specially your toe nails!


  • Tame your brows and facial hair:

Nope - we aren't asking you to tweeze your eye brows or wax them, but there are ways to tame them that don't involve pain!

Dab a little hair gel on a tooth brush and use it to tame your brows or facial hair .




  • Scrub your lips:

There's nothing more annoying than chapped lips, even for guys! If you can't be bothered to carry a lip balm on you, then try this simple hack to prevent rough, chapped lips.

Mix olive oil and salt together and dip your toothbrush in it.

Scrub your lips gently using your toothbrush.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure though - the skin on your lips is softer than you think.



  • Keep your mane manly:

Invest some time in picking the right hair dresser for yourself.

You may not think of it to be a big deal but your hair can speak volumes for your personality. Pick someone who can understand what it is that you're trying to say without really saying it - cause we all know how difficult it is to articulate what you're really after!

Also, once you stick with a hair dresser for long, he'll be more than happy to accommodate your appointment as and when you need. He might even call and remind you that it's time for one!




  • Smell good (but not like you bathed in cologne):

Take us seriously when we say that the one the thing most girls look for is hygeine.

Smelling bad can put neutralise all the effort you put into looking good.

Invest in a cologne that not only smells good but also something that ties in with your personality.

We're talking Mont Blanc Legend, Gucci Guilty and Ralph Lauren's Polo Supreme Oud.

Make sure you don't completely down the bottle, though!  A couple of spritzes is more than enough.


And there you have it guys, seven easy tips to get you to look and feel your best. You're welcome!


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