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The Simplest Beauty Hack Ever!

Posted on May 16 2015

 It's that time of the year again when all you can dream of is a winter wonderland with fluffy powder snow and snowflakes falling gently on your face. If given one wish right now, we would absolutely love to be transported to the valleys of New Zealand or to the glaciers in Peru. Alas, if only we could....

 There is, however, a very easy trick to keeping cool this summer- drink lots of water!

We know you've heard this a gazillion times before but it cannot be stressed enough.

Water does absolutely wondeful things to your skin and you don't even need to spend too much money or get out of your comfort zone! This can be done anytime/anywhere.

Read on below to know some healthy water habits you can follow to keep your skin revitalised and fresh all year round: 


Experts claim that the minimum water you should have everyday is 2 litres (this does not include aerated beverages or anything else, just plain good water). That does not mean you can't have more, though!

Try and cap it to about 3-4 litres a day, you don't want to overwork your kidneys or run to the toilet every five minutes.

An easy way to do this is to mark your water schedule on a clear 1 litre bottle!





Have a glass of hot water with lemon to kickstart your day.

Lemon is amazing for your skin (read all about it here) and kick starting your day with lemon and hot water is extremely beneficial for long term health.




Sure, who doesn't love a hot shower in the winter and a cold one in summer.

That isn't doing your skin any favours... just saying!

Experts say showering with mildly warm water is best for the skin since it does not strip your skin of its natural oils and hence does not prematurely dry out your skin.


  • Washing your face?

You should wash your face with tepid water. A final slightly cooler rinse will help close your pores but make sure it is not cold water. All that'll do is dry out your skin even more!

Also keep in mind that it's best to use a mild cleanser that does not strip your face of its naturals oils.

MSM Beauty Squad recommends the h2O+ Face Oasis Cleansing Water, available in our May Select Box


This water-light cleanser gently washes away impurities while replenishing vital moisture. Grab this product now in your May MSM Select Box. 



Toning is an absolutely essential part of your skin care routine.

Toning works towards balancing the pH levels of your skin after you've washed it.

MSM Beauty Squad recommends the Vichy Thermal Spa Water which is made with a unique combination of 15 rare minerals that soothe, fortify and regenerate your skin.

The May MSM Select Box featured this product. Read more about toning in our previous blog


  • Infused water:

Drinking water naturally is known to boost your metabolism.

Drinking fruit infused water makes it full of flavour while flushing out the toxins!

The best way to make infused water is to chop up your favourite fruit/fruits and leave them in a jug overnight. You could also add herbs such as mint or basil for that extra freshness.

So simple, easy and full of goodness!


And there we have it, easy tips for you to ensure your skin stays young, hydrated and healthy all year round.



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