Posted on April 29 2015

MSM introduces our second guest blogger of the month - Ruchi from The Blog Of Ruchi

If your office looks like an endless road in the middle of nowhere, and a star studded sky serves for roof, if lazing by the beach with your favourite book happens way too often, and catching snowflakes for breakfast or camping by the river for lunch is normal, if GPS and maps are your best friends, then you  - like me - are probably travelling for a living or living for travel.

Three trips down for this year and sitting in month four planning my next travel, I can safely say that pursuing this passion has made me care-free.

However the nomadic life can take a toll on you if you do not take good care of yourself, both personally and travel-logically. There are some things that I have learnt which I cannot ignore when I set off on my travels!


  •  Big things, small sizes

    First of all, know your essentials, your daily care things and purchase sample sizes of the same. I love the monthly beauty boxes that I subscribe to, because these samples are useful for my travels.

    If you have trouble finding samples, then carry everything in small containers (sometimes I use empty lens cases) for basic liquids.

    • In flight must haves

      Nothing rejuvenates me instantly, after a long trip, like wet wipes. It is also super important to stay hydrated throughout the journey. If you have trouble with landings and take offs, aerated drinks will do the trick. Keep sipping on the fizzy stuff to avoid air sickness or the continued buzz in the ear. I also carry packaged foods like chips or low fat yoghurt and dry fruits because I don’t have a good experience with the open food items that even  luxury airlines provide.

      •  For a beautiful you

        Dark sunglasses for eyes are a must, frankly because any make up other than a BB cream with a good SPF (usually up till 30) is a strict no no for me on the flight. Dark sunglasses make eye makeup redundant when I land! Dark socks for keeping my pre-oiled (olive oil stays longer than the creams) feet hydrated.

        I use butter in-flight to keep my lips moisturised the natural way, as they are the first to dry out. On landing, a dash of red lipstick works miracles for me!

        Hand sanitizer, mouth wash, small perfumes are a must and you all know why!

        Also, I hope you have found out the perfect sun screen for you and are making most out of it on your days in sun.


        • Hair care

          It’s best to have hair cut and color done a few days before you travel. Do carry dry shampoo, hairbrush and a scarf that you can just tie around your hair to avoid looking like someone having a bad hair day. You can put on some leave in conditioner and cover up your hair in-flight to avoid dry and damaged hair on landing.

          • Handy hand care tips

            Nude or transparent nail paints are great as slight chipping can then go unnoticed.  Olive oil or baby oil is a great multi-use item for hands, cuticles and even hair. helps you avoid having to carry too many creams and lotions with you when you travel.

            • Keeping up with basic travel know how

              Wear dark clothes so the dirt doesn’t show. Carry over sized stoles and always be in your flip-ons or flats. Statement necklaces help add instant zing to any outfit. Camera, memory cards, headphones, Ipod/Ipad , storybook , binoculars, power adaptor, swiss knife (packed luggage), chargers and phone are absolutely necessary for me. Carry first aid, a torch, umbrella, mosquito patches, and other things that you might need specific to the location you are hitting. Put your passport, insurance documents, credit cards and local currency in a zip lock back so that they are weather proof!

              • Best seats on the airplane

                Choose your seat online. Mine is always window, extra legroom and on the wing. However, if my priority is to de-plane first then I choose a seat in the front, which help me being first off the plane and at immigration and among the first few to exit from the airport.

                • Luggage tips

                  Mark your luggage with a ‘fragile’ sticker. Preferably, travel with less luggage and leave room for shopping! It’s advisable to cut down on your interstate luggage costs in domestic flights by just carrying hand baggage, hence, invest in bags with lots of zips. A digital luggage scale comes in handy all the time!


                  • Breaking barriers

                      Greetings in foreign language particular to the place you are travelling can help you break ice with many fellow travellers or locals. try and learn some basic salutations. Read travel related blog posts to understand the culture of the place you are visiting, so that you do not unintentionally end up disrespecting a local. 

                      •   Exercise

                      If you don’t want to hit the hotel pool or gym, or are travelling on a budget with no access to a hotel gymn, then carry a skipping rope with you. 

                      Ending on a completely personal note, I am always grateful to people including flight attendants, concierge, hotel staff, fellow travellers or tour guides that I interact with on my travels, so I carry blank cards or post-its, and leave thank you notes as a token of appreciation, recognition and encouragement.


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