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Aakriti Rana guest blogs for MSM on "Happy Feet"...

Posted on April 15 2015

Walk as though you’re kissing the earth with your feet- Thich Naht Hanh


Hi there!

How are you all enjoying Spring? I am absolutely loving the pretty flowers blooming every where and the lush greenery all around me. I feel so happy and positive in this season and it's the perfect time to pamper myself silly. I love getting my manicure/pedicure done after a nice day at the spa and a steam bath. Among all the things we do everyday and in between our hectic work schedules, we often forget to pamper ourselves.


Since April is World Foot Health Awareness Month, this guest blog for MSM Box is all about getting HAPPY FEET and I will tell you a few things that I do to keep my feet pampered.

If you have seen my previous blogs, you would've noticed that I mostly always wear sneakers, wedges or block heels. I do this to ensure that my feet don't get tanned. Also, when I was young I read that putting petroleum jelly or Vaseline on your feet and then wearing socks to bed will leave feet soft and deeply moisturised. I have noticed that when I wear sandals or flip flops too often, my feet get dry, dirty and cracked very soon. On the other hand, when I wear closed shoes with socks over my moisturised feet, my feet stay fair, glowing, well hydrated and crack free.

Either way, I highly recommend an at-home pedicure at least once in two weeks to ensure you have clean and pretty feet.

The first step is to make sure your nails are cut and shaped. I love ColorBar's Pretty Toes Pedicure Pack that has a toenail clipper, a filer and a pair of separators, all dipped in adorable colours. The handy size makes them super easy to pop into your travel bag too!

Once your nails are cut, you need to focus on the rest of your feet.

Add epsom salts or a few drops of essential oils to a mild warm water tub and soak your feet in it for 10-15 minutes. The salt helps in flushing toxins out from the skin, reduces inflammation, eases muscle cramps and best of all, it helps in an even blood circulation in the body which will instantly help you ease your stress and relax your body. There are many different essential oils used for various reasons. If you have the problem of sweaty feet, you can get Cypress Oil that acts as natural deodorant and helps you get rid of the bad odour. Wintergreen oil helps in giving relief from pain and gives you a cool sensation which is very relaxing. Rosemary oil helps in soothing tired muscles and also has antiseptic properties.


After a good soak, moisturise your feet with a good cream that helps keep your feet stay soft and hydrated. I absolutely love Biotique's Bio Costus Foot Massage Cream - it keeps my feet perfectly moisturised and trust me it smells heavenly! As a final step, I suggest you get Luxaderm Deep Moisturising Treatment's Foot Hydration Socks which are disposable foot mask with a rich blend of botanical extracts and anti-oxidants to uplift your feet. You can slip them on to clean feet, remove and discard after 30 minutes. After which you can massage balance serum into the skin of your feet.

To get the ultimate spa experience at home, use Niana Candles that are hand crafted aromatic candles made with natural soy wax with a burn time of over 4 hours. Soy candles are eco-friendly, non-toxic and carbon neutral.

I love lighting their beautiful candles and then painting my nails pretty my pedicure. Remember to use a good quality nail enamel that does not make your nails go yellow. I personally love Maybelline's range of nail paints. They have an amazing variety of fast drying nail paints that do not chip easily.


Hope you find this blog useful and do not forget to pamper your feet to keep them Happy!

-Aakriti /La Chica Loca


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  • Nivya Kaur: April 15, 2015

    great!! dat ws wat most required in pretty springs.. we oftn neglect our feet nd this post gave d best to pamper our feet.. thank you aakriti fr sharing it :)

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