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"Mad Men" inspired 60's looks for today!

Posted on April 05 2015

We're totally infatuated with all things retro, and now that Mad Men is making a comeback with a power packed season 7 we can't hold our excitement! We would definitely switch places with Joan, Betty and Peggy for all their tea dresses, classy waves and winged eyeliners. However, since we were born in the wrong era, we'll have to make do with these easy tips for bringing out the retro!



We're jumping up and down with excitement cause this look has made a comeback and how! For an easy way to pull this off, place a business/visiting card at an angle along side your lower lash line and draw along. Or just visit our previous blog stories for more detailed tutorials.. 


Waves were to the 60's what denim shirts were last year.


Pull out your round brush and hold your ends under a blast of hot air to achieve the classic flipped out wave of the 60s. Make sure you dollop on some heat protector first!


Ladies, it's time to sweet talk your grand mother into letting you borrow her beautiful pearls.

Pearl earrings, necklaces, hair accessories were the rage in the 60s!

 And no one rocked pearls better than Betty Draper..


Nothing speaks elegance more than gold nail paint. Megan pulled off this look with aplomb (although a fancy updo doesn't hurt). Some lucky girl is going to rock this look with Tiens Gold Nail Paint in her April MSM Express Box!


Oh how we wish we had a stash full of Hermes scarves!

But no stress - you can look just as fab with faux silk scarves available in abundance at your local markets.

Tie a fancy knot on your neck or use them as a hair band. You can have so much fun with these pretty things!


Peggy cut her hair in season 2 but her ponytails way back in season 1 definitely won our hearts. Curl the ends, tie it up in a ribbon and wear a pretty hair pin to win this flirty, feminine look.

We'll be busy taking notes as we say good bye to the show that has had such an impact on modern popular style.

After all if Zoey Deschanel and Taylor Swift can take their cues from Betty Draper, so can we :-)





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