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MSM's top 5 hacks for mixing and matching your wardrobe

Posted on March 18 2015

March - the month of fashion in both India and overseas!

The Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks have wrapped up and we’re dying to see what the India Fashion Weeks have in store for us this month. While we are tapping our fingers on our work desk with impatience, we have a LOT of stuff to update you on. Be it New York, Milan or Paris, prints and colours made a major appearance!

Before we go on to give you the rules to follow, look closely at the colour wheel below.

In the world of the colour wheel, complimentary actually means opposite.

You know like opposites attract? Yep, that whole philosophy works here.

So basically what you need to know is that every colour has a complimentary colour which is the one right opposite to it on the colour wheel. True complimentary colours are the ones that are the same distance from the centre of the wheel but you can mix different tones like teaming a pastel blue green with a deep set pink.

We suggesting printing out this colour wheel and sticking it on the inside of your closet for an easy colour match fix.


Now that you’re a pro on the basics (you smarty pants, you), read on below for five easy hacks for matching colours and prints.

1. Keep it in the Fam

If you’re a novice at colour/pattern mixing this simple tip is enough to get you started. When picking different colours for an outfit, remember to keep your colour families together. Pastels go with pastels, earth tones go with earth tones and jewel colours go with jewel colours. Simple, right?


2. Match your own business

When it comes to wearing multiple prints, always aim to match the colours and not the print as such. Usually if the colours look good together so will the prints. So pull out that colour wheel print out and get matchin’ !

P.S. Please remember to not get too "matchy" though. Read on for more on that.


3. Neutral it up!

So while we’re totally in to matching colours and prints, we really don’t want you to step out looking like you’ve put in way too much time thinking this through. To pull off that effortless chic - yeah, I just got out of bed and threw something on - look, we suggest you add a neutral piece to your looks


4. Use them right, polkas and stripes

Ah, our favourite look! We can talk for days about how nothing matches better than polka dots and stripes but we know you have things to do and places to be so all we’ll say is give this look a shot!


5. When in doubt, black and white

There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this combination.

A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y no way.

Nope.  Can’t be.

Black and white is the superstar pair that gets a bumper opening no matter where and when it makes an appearance. If you’re an accessories girl, this is your look! You can experiment with all sorts of colours in your accessories with this combination.



Before you head out looking smashing, don’t forget to wear that brilliant smile of yours with every outfit.

And remember -  if you’re comfortable in what you wear, who cares about these rules anyway?


And that’s that gorgeous, love love. 


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