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Pretty Hands for Spring!

Posted on March 13 2015

Your hard working hands are probably happy that winter is past, but that doesnt mean we forget to look after them.

Spring is a great time to get ready for warmer weather, and to ensure that our hands stay pretty, happy and healthy all through the scorching days of summer.

Follow these simple tips to get your hands in the spring of things :-)

1. Use mild, moisturising cleansers that wont strip away natural oils. Wash using tepid water - overly warm or cold water dries out the skin of your hands.

2. Moisturise after washing your hands or after using hand sanitisers. Keep a tube of your favourite lotion handy and rub a small amount into your skin, paying special attention to the back of your hands and your cuticles


3. Your hands need sun protection too! Use sunscreen to protect them from age spots and premature wrinkling


4. Clip, file and polish your nails regularly for a well groomed look. Carry a handy manicure kit with you to handle any inconvenient snags, chips or hang nails you might face. Colorbar's Snip and Shape Mini Manicure Set is a great way to carry your own mini manicure in your purse!

5. Wear gloves during chores.

In fact wear gloves even when you are not doing chores!  Try the Luxaderme Deep Moisturising Treatment Hand Hydration Gloves  - they were a big hit with us from the first day we used them. These gloves contain a nutrient and moisture rich essence which penetrates the skin in just thirty minutes. Such a great way to give yourself a handy manicure at home!

And of course what better way to usher in spring than with a beautiful French Manicure. We put together our favourite nail looks to take you from office to a brunch date with your besties to a wedding party to a night on the town. 

 How are you planning to pamper your hands this spring?

Share some of your favourite nail looks with us and we might just feature you on Instagram and Facebook!


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