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8 Ingenious Lip Balm Hacks For The Ultimately Innovative Girl!

Posted on February 26 2015

We are definitely Lip Balm kind of people at Team MSM Headquarters!


A random trawl through the five handbags that dot our office revealed not five or ten, but a full 18 different types of lip balms between them. That works out to an average of 3.6 lip balms per person!


Now why would a girl need so many lip balms?


We asked – and the answers blew us away!


Our ingenious lip balmers use their little scented tins and tubes for more uses than you could possibly imagine.


We looked through all of them and shortlisted these clever little ideas to share with you.


Clever idea 1: You’ve got a cold and all that blowing your nose has given you rough,dry, painful skin! Apply a little lip balm to soothe that irritated skin and you’ll soon be feeling great again without that soreness around your nose.



Clever idea 2: Wearing new shoes that have yet to be broken in and scared of heel blisters? Apply lip balm to the sensitive area. This eliminates friction and reduces the chances of a blister ruining your perfect day in those spiffy new shoes



Clever idea 3: Love colouring your hair at home to save some pennies but hate that shadow along your hairline? Just apply some balm on your skin and protect your hairline during home coloring!



Clever idea 4: Nicked your self shaving in the shower? Lip balm soothes post shaving cuts. It takes away the pain and stops bleeding in a few seconds. Share this tip with your guy too!!


 Clever idea 5: Use lip balm to tame flyaways – seriously! Rub a wee bit between your palms to warm it up and use it to combat frizzies.


Clever idea 6: Apply lip balm made with shea butter and beeswax on the cuticles of your nails. The ingredients add moisture and hydrate the cuticles - it's the same healing touch balms add to your lips.


Clever idea 7: If you’ve had a busy night and forgotten your eye cream, dab a bit of lip balm under your eyes. It soothes the area as well as moisturizes.


Clever idea 8: Your brows are a mess and your brow gel is nowhere to be found? Reach for your wax based lip balm, wipe some on, then use a brow brush to get those rebellious babies in place.


We tried to pin down our girls to identify their favourite balms, but that was a tough thing to do.

So we just decided to spread some of that love with all of you via our MSM boxes!

Look out for lip balms from Soul Tree, Burt’s Bees, The Body Shop, Biotique, Just Herbs, Kiehl’s and Sephora in your boxes. We pop some in almost every month  because remember - lip balm is not a winter only product. Our lips take a beating during our scorching summers too and will love all the TLC that you can give them.

So apply your lip balms all through the year, and share with us some of your favourite brands and also all those innovative uses you may have come up with for this versatile product.

Till then, happy lips to you all :-)


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