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Effortless Style- A Spa in the Sky

Posted on December 24 2014

The MSM Box style team will be travelling a whole lot in December.

And while travel is great fun, the same cannot be said for the state of my skin and hair especially after a 9-hour flight!

A while ago I discovered the best use of those hours in a plane.

Of course there is an in-flight movie, and that book to be read, or possibly work stuff to catch up on.

But come on - surely all that time in a hermetically sealed metal canister at 30,000 feet can also be put to another use, at least in the beauty department.

Here’s how to have a great SPA experience on board your next long haul flight

  • The biggest enemy of your skin and hair during a flight is DEHYDRATION. Drink plenty of water before and during your flight. For sure a glass of wine or a coffee keeps the journey interesting but don’t forget to keep sipping the good stuff too…

pouring water in a glass collection isolated

  • DRESS COMFORTABLY. Yes it IS possible to be well turned out for a flight and be comfortable at the same time. This is my favorite look for travel.

image 2

  • Unless of course you are coming straight from work, wear MINIMAL MAKEUP when you leave for the airport. A tinted moisturizer works just as well if you think you need that bit of colour.

  • Once on board and comfortably settled in your seat, unpack your beauty bag and get your SPA ORGANISED. Ignore the weird looks you are likely to get from your co-passengers! When they see how great you look at the end of the flight they are going to wish they had taken notes…

  • Start with CLEANSING - even if you left home with no makeup on. I use Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissues. They remove every trace of make up from your face including eye shadow, lipstick and eyeliner. My skin is on the dry side and it suffers on a long flight so I welcome the extra hydration these cleansers provide.

Image 3

  • Now would be a good time to think about your hair. Run a leave in HAIR CONDITIONER OR SERUM through your hair and tie it back in a loose pony or low bun or just wrap it in a scarf if you wish to channel your inner French woman

  • Smooth on a FACE MASQUE. The ones I use are clear and they form a hydrating mask to protect the skin from the recycled air in the aircraft. Apply a thin layer and reapply as needed during the flight. You will be surprised at the way your skin just sucks up this extra moisture. On my latest long haul flight I discovered the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack which makes for an amazing face mask.

  • Dab on your favourite EYE CREAM and LIP BALM. Slather on some HAND CREAM and that’s it! You are now free to read, do your emails, watch a movie or just catch up on your sleep.

  • A short while before you land use a CLEANSING tissue or wet cotton wool to wipe away any trace of the masque that may linger. I love using Kama Ayurveda’s Pure Rose Water, which I decant into a small bottle for my travels.

image 4

  • And that’s it! Follow this up with your regular moisturizer or makeup if you feel you need to. But even without the makeup you will see the DIFFERENCE in your skin and hair when you get off the plane. Not to mention the envious looks from your fellow travelers!

Note to newbies to this procedure:

  • Airlines restrict your carry-on liquids to 100 ml.
  • So please check your “spa bag” and make sure you do not exceed this limit per bottle. I love my MSM monthly box beauty products for this reason. Or I decant my favorite products into these handy plastic travel containers available at most chemists.
  • While the procedure may seem cumbersome and long winded, it’s actually quite painless. And if  - like me - you feel that life gets especially hectic just before a long flight then you will find yourself looking forward to this quiet “me” time with your very own SPA IN THE SKY!

Image 5

Try it out on your next long haul flight and let us know if you have any improvements on this routine to share with us.

Kavita Joshi Rai-Writer of the weekly column “Effortless Style” | Globetrotter | Style Seeker | Beauty Junkie | Favorite Quote- elegance is the only beauty that never fades | @msmstyletalk


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