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Skin Deep- New year resolutions that stick!

Posted on December 23 2014

Yes, it’s that time of the year again…while most of us have probably given up on new year resolutions, there is something in the air at this time of the year… a feeling of triumph for some or exasperation for few as you can’t help but think of the year gone by…and I’m pretty sure even the pessimists amongst us get at least a scent of hope with the thought of a new year round the corner.


I for one, love the thought of a new year – a time to start something new (or give a try at making old things work again!), a promise to take care of yourself better (heaven knows we all have weight loss/wellness resolutions every year, even if they’re broken the next day!) or a resolution to just be more awesome this year!

Even if the resolutions don’t last, the point is at least we all get to introspect into our lives for a short time, which itself is such a rare treat for most of us in our ever-so-rushed lives.


So what does it take to make these resolutions work? We at MSMbox are putting a beauty lens on it (because we know it works!)

  • Be specific- Don’t confuse your brain with vague ideals such as I’m going to take care of my skin this year. Instead pick one thing and make it happen. For example: I will cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday. Further towards the east, Asian women are known to follow 7-step routines for their skin, so let’s start with at least a 3-step regime, shall we? The same applies for the famous weight loss resolution. Instead of writing down 'I will lost weight’, start with ‘I will walk for half hour everyday’. Chances are your brain will lose the mind battle and you might end up actually going for that walk and keeping the resolution.
  • Take small steps- If you want your hair to be luxurious and glowing, it’s not going to happen overnight. So banish one bad habit or add one good at a time, and start to see the difference slowly. Go for that hair spa once a fortnight or give that hair dryer a break once a week.
  • Lift your spirits- So keeping a resolution is all a will power game and when the will power starts to wane, doing something to uplift your mood helps you bring it back on track. Make a shopping date with your girlfriends, even when you want to go grocery shopping and you are likely to stay more on track with your green eating plan that will make your skin glow!
  • Sign up for that something new and go social with it! Always wanted to learn the guitar, go sign up for a 3-month course and shout out about it on social media. Once you’ve made that commitment and told the world, you will likely stick with it. Want to become a beauty expert, sign up for a monthly beauty box subscription and we wont let you down! :)

So don’t give up on them resolutions just yet…the New Year is yet to begin!

Dhanashree Sowani-Writer of the weekly column “Skin Deep” | Loves beauty products and shoes | Fitness freak and a Zumba addict | Likes Organized, everything-in-its-place-types | @dhanashreesowan


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