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Skin Deep- The healing power of green

Posted on November 30 2014

Colours have a peculiar way of connecting with emotions. Somewhat like music…you know how everyone has those few songs, which make you think of a person or place and often has some old memory associated with it? Similarly I think colours have the power to induce memories or even feelings. So say the word ‘green’ and I am immediately transported to lush green meadows, the grass glistening under the early morning sun, dewdrops on every blade…all of it feels so fresh and natural and soothing and somehow has the promise of a new start! I guess that is how green is known as the healing colour in alternative therapies.

And if there’s one healing green that we all are familiar with these days, it’s got to be green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body – it accelerates metabolism and hence aids fat loss (and we all love that don’t we?), it improves brain function and of course all those anti oxidants lowers the risk of cancer.

But what is amazing is that these wonder leaves have even more promise, and green tea is now increasingly being used in cosmetics and skin care products for their soothing yet natural astringent quality and anti-ageing properties.

One such brand that uses green tea abundantly in their products is Korean skin care brand Innisfree. And while they are super popular in Korea and China, they are fairly new to India, with one store in Khan market so far. So when I got the opportunity to meet with their brand team earlier this week, and hear their brand story, I knew I had to share it with more people.

The story of Innisfree truly lives on Jeju island, a pristine island off the mainland of South Korea, a piece of land rich with the fertile healthy soil from the volcanic island, clear fresh air, soft warm sunlight and pollution free pure water, and surrounded by deep Med-blue like sea waters. Sounds heavenly already?

innisfree msm

Everything natural found on this amazing island is studied and used as raw ingredients by the Innisfree lab on the island. Green tea seeds are used in their serum that help in keeping the skin moist and nourished, the islands rare volcanic clay used in deep pore cleaning masks, the antioxidant ingredients of the camellia flowers serve ingredients to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution and the tangerines and nutmeg grown on the island are used some of their most popular skin brightening products. Even the ocean plants of Jeju such as gulfweed are so rich in minerals and nutrients and are known for their regenerative energy, which keeps the skin elastic and supple.

Not only does the brand use all these natural ingredients in their products, but they also strive to be a completely eco-friendly green brand – they have developed eco-friendly containers and recycled packaging, and even soybean oil ink and tangerine peel labeling as part of their efforts to tell a green story! The brand also runs campaigns through the year to show their commitment to a green earth. One of these campaigns, which I found really cute is their eco-handkerchief campaign which promotes the use of a kerchief and reduce use of tissues. I mean seriously, when did we stop using kerchiefs (and pinning one on our children’s uniforms when they go to school?!! J). You can see a little video on this on the msm facebook page)

All said and done, history and heritage intact, how does the green promise finally keep up with its products? I mean, Korean beauty brands are currently taking the world by storm, but the proof of the pudding (or the power of green shall I say?) lies in what the products can do for you right? And that is where we at msmbox were really amazed with Innisfree. Their products truly are fantastic and worth everything they claim to be and more!

So shall we see another one of the Innisfree gems in our Dec box??

Well, you don’t have to wait long to find out… !! :)

Dhanashree Sowani-Writer of the weekly column “Skin Deep” | Loves beauty products and shoes | Fitness freak and a Zumba addict | Likes Organized, everything-in-its-place-types | @dhanashreesowan


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