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Skin Deep- Of sunshine and all things bright & beautiful…

Posted on November 28 2014

Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)– the famous song by Baz Luhrmann starts off with the lyrics that if there was one advice he would give to the youth it would be to use sunscreen!

And I can’t agree with him more. Every woman’s skin routine should start with a sunscreen in the morning, ideally if it’s a moisturizer with sun protection thrown in, it can double up as the right base, and perfect defense against the sun. There are a myriad of options available in the market these days, although my favourites have to be the Clinique SPF50 body cream, or the Neutrogena ultra sheer complete for just the face and neck.,

But you’re probably wondering why I’m emphasizing on sunscreen at this time of the year right? Well, guess what? That elusive winter sun, that doesn’t burn but instead feels so good, is still doing damage to your skin, and while we all know how a li’l bit of sunshine is great for vitamin D, a li’l bit (or maybe a lot!) of sunscreen does go a long way in protecting your skin against wrinkles, sun spots and even more damage that the sun is capable of!

Anyway on the positive side, thinking of sunshine brings to my mind happy childhood memories because somehow the sun never seems to bother kids anyway when they’re playing, does it?

And its probably co-incidental that children’s day just passed by, but the top trends in the beauty world this season are somehow linked to this theme of being child-like… and here are a top few:

  • The natural dewy look in make-up. Or even the no-make up look. Celebrities worldwide are adopting this look and while this look does require a lot of effort and of course the right make-up to get the no make-up look (oh yeah!), it’s a nice throwback to being natural and child-like.
  • In hair trends, the bob or the lob (long bob) is so back in trend right now… keep it nice and straight for an evening formal look, but for the day just leave it in their natural waves. Again so reminiscent of the childhood days when you would bargain with your mother to at least stay with a bob rather than a complete boy cut!
  • Bright and sprightly like Marge! As the Simpsons complete 25 years of being on screen, MAC has introduced an exclusive line of make-up dedicated to Marge Simpson, complete with shades of blues and greens for the eyes, fake lashes and bright glossies in hot pinks and burning reds for the lips! Now only someone with child-like insouciance could carry off this look, don’t you think?

So that brings me now to some of my favourite picks from the November goody box…that will jumpstart you onto the natural, no make up look instantly!

In the select box, is the oh-so-soothing Mridul face cleanser by Kama …it has to be mixed with either rose water (for oily skin) or milk (for dry skin) and then used as a cleanser. Totally leaves your face feeling much loved, trust me.


In the express box, you will find the green tea pure sleeping pack by Innisfree …the organic green tea water is perfect for dry skin that needs hydrating, but absolutely blissful for normal skin too. Gives the face some all-night pampering, and leaves you positively rejuvenated in the morning.

gt pure sleeping pack

So if you’ve already got your box, go on, try the goodies from the beauty box and tell us your favourites?

Until next time, stay bright and beautiful… And trust me on the sunscreen

Dhanashree Sowani-Writer of the weekly column "Skin Deep" | Loves beauty products and shoes | Fitness freak and a Zumba addict | Likes Organized, everything-in-its-place-types | @dhanashreesowan


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