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Can Your Make-up Make You Sick?

Posted on June 23 2016

You may be in love with your makeup, but it's time to grow up and realise that your favourite products can quickly turn into breeding grounds for bacteria.

The high moisture, wax and oil content in makeup creates the perfect environment for germs. Touching the makeup with your fingers is another way for transfer of germs and bacteria. And of course we don't need to tell you that sharing makeup with your best friend is another no-no!

Although some of the makeup in your stash can be kept for a few years, there are some products that must be thrown away in - gasp! - 3 months.

Mascara: Much as you love your mascara, remember it has a short life span of 3 months. Since it gets taken out of the tube, applied and then put back, chances of the wand picking up infection causing bacteria are high.

If your mascara dries up before the stipulated 90 days DO NOT try to dilute if. Just throw it away!

Eye Pencils: These can be kept for up to 2 years. Though make sure you clean the tip & sharp if before each application. If the tip of the eye pencil develops a white coat which cannot be sharpened off, then you know it's time to toss it!

Eye Shadow: Powder eye shadow can be kept for up to 2 years and liquid or cream ones should last about 12 months. If you use your fingers to apply eye shadow, make sure to wash your hands to avoid transferring bacteria to the shadow.

(Note: If you get an eye infection, you must throw out all of your eye makeup as the bacteria may still be lying on the product and using the same products again will give you the infection again, which of course you don’t want!)

Lipstick: You can store your lipstick safely for up to 2 years, since they are low in water content and cannot easily encourage bacterial growth. If your lipstick gets hard and you can't spread the pigment on your lips, you know it's lived its life! Similarly, lip gloss will feel streaky if you try to apply it.

Blushes & Powders: Cream blushes should be replaced after a year whereas powder blush and powders can be kept for up to 2 years, since they do not contain water.

Foundation and Concealers: Oily foundations and stick concealers can be safely used for up to 18 months, but a shelf life of 12 months applies to oil-free foundations and liquid concealers as they can dry out quickly.

It is also important to make sure that your brushes are clean and dry after each use and are stored in a cool dark place.

Note: Some makeup products have expiry written on their outer packaging, which is generally thrown out. A handy tip would be to write a "Use By" date with a waterproof marker on the new product once opened.

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    I want makeup kit combo pack..please show me the product and price

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