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5 Sunscreen Myths Debunked!

Posted on May 15 2016

We all know that sunscreen should be a key part of our skin care routine. But with the overload of information available - some of it contradictory - we thought it was time we addressed some of the stories out there so as to help you make smart decisions where sun protection is concerned.

MYTH NUMBER 1My makeup has SPF, so I don't need to wear sunscreen:

SPF in makeup only lasts a few hours; in addition, makeup is not applied evenly enough on your skin to ensure adequate protection.

What spf in make up DOES do is to offer an additional layer of sun protection, but by no means does it replace the need to wear your regular sunscreen below it.

MYTH NUMBER 2: I have sensitive skin so kid's sunscreen is better for me as it is gentler: 

Sunscreen for children is made using the same ingredients as that for adults. The main difference is that sunscreen for adults is made in a sheer formulation, so that it looks more natural while children don't really care how they look, so their sunblock is in a thicker and more opaque formulation!

If you have sensitive skin, look for a physical sunscreen with zinc or titanium dioxide rather than a chemical one.

MYTH NUMBER 3: A higher SPF factor means higher sun protection:

SPF, simply put, means the amount of time your skin can stay exposed to the sun without burning. So if you normally start to burn or redden in the sun after 30 minutes, an SPf factor of 15 would mean you will start to see the same effect after the same amount of time multiplied by 15! 

Higher SPF also blocks higher amount of UVB rays, so in that sense there is a limited amount of higher protection. Look for broad spectrum sun protection which blocks UVA and UVB rays.

It is also important to make sure that you apply the right amount of sunscreen and at the right time.

MYTH NUMBER 4: My olive skin tone implies I am less in need of sun protection

People with darker complexions have higher levels of melanin, which protects against the sun and shows less sign of sun damage or tanning. But hyper pigmentation is more common in such skin types, and exposure to sun increases their chances of scarring from acne, burns or cuts.

Sun protection is equally important, no matter how light or dark complexioned you may be.

 MYTH NUMBER 5: Sunscreen in lotion form is more effective than a spray form.

 This is purely a personal preference. Spray on sunscreen might be more user friendly if you are on the beach and ned to reapply. Choose a sunscreen whose texture you like and with a broad spectrum protection.

Most important - apply enough for you to get good coverage and remember to wait at least 10 minutes after application before you expose yourself to the sun!

For some more information on sunscreens, dont forget to check out our handy "MSM Monday" video!



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