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8 Tips For A Longer Lasting Manicure!

Posted on April 30 2016

Nothing makes you feel as good as a fresh manicure does.. and wouldn't it be great if we could keep that new polish looking good for at least a few more days than it currently does?

The MSM beauty squad has these tips of things to do both pre , during and post manicure to make sure your nails stay pretty longer!

1) Nails must be absolutely clean and free from any oils before you start applying colour. Just wipe down with vinegar and then apply your base coat.

2) Apply cuticle oil on the skin around your nails and push the cuticles back using an orange stick. This way you avoid getting colour on the cuticles (cuticles tend to lift the paint from the nails leading to unwanted chipping)



3) Apply two coats of base coat on the tips of your nails: Since chipping occurs at the tips of the nails, first apply a layer of base coat along the top half of the nail and then re-apply another base coat over it will help prevent this from happening.



4) Re-apply top coat in 2-3 days to make the polish last longer. Top coat prevents the polish from chipping off, it is recommended to reapply the topcoat after 2-3 days of application for longevity.

5) Dry your nail paint using cool air as hot air tends to keep the polish from drying (That means NO blowing on nails!). Or try dipping your fingers into a bowl of ice water to make the polish dry in a jiffy.


6) Hand sanitisers dry your nails and wear out the topcoat which protects your manicure. So if you have access to water and a mild cleanser go for that option over a sanitiser.


7) Wear gloves while doing the dishes to protect your nails (and your hands for that matter!) from the harsh effect of dish detergent.



8) If nail paint has chipped off from the tip just file your nails down to that point and then further apply the topcoat; or you can even do a thin tip french manicure to make your own nail art!

Likewise, to hide chipping from the nail bed or to cover nail growth, apply glitter nail paint at the bottom, to make your manicure look all the more glamorous. 

Now that you've "nailed" these tips, go out there and put your manis in the air, gorgeous!




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