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Sheet Masks Decoded - 5 Things You Need To Know!

Posted on April 18 2016

Sheet masks are yet another great skincare invention that has changed the way we pamper our skin!

The MSM Beauty Squad gets so many queries on this super convenient, yet sometimes confusing product that we decided to answer them here for you.

 1) What exactly is a sheet mask?

Simply put it is a sheet of cotton or other non woven material in the shape of a face with holes in it for mouth, eyes and nose. These sheets are pre-soaked up in a serum based formula before being packed into convenient foil packs for one time use.

2) How do I use a sheet mask?

Cleanse and tone your skin to prepare it for a sheet mask treatment. The most effective way to apply one is to remove it from the foil packet, shake it open gently, then apply starting at the forehead. Adjust the openings around the eyes and smooth it on to avoid air pockets. Then move downwards over nose, cheeks till you reach the chin. Any excess serum can be rubbed into the skin of your neck and upper chest and even into your hands.

Sheet masks can be a wee bit slippery because of the good stuff they are soaked in, so we recommend lying down and relaxing to your favourite tunes while they do their magic!

We found this cute illustration from one of our favourite Korean beauty bloggers to show you exactly how it's done.


3) Does this mean I can skip my other skin care steps?

Absolutely not! Sheet masks do not exfoliate or deep cleanse. These masks are best for delivering a deep boost of hydration to your skin. We recommend using them once a week as a way of rewarding your skin :-)

4) Can I use sheet masks for oily skin as well ? 

You most definitely can! There is a sheet mask for every skin type out there. Oily and acne prone skin benefit most from sheet masks which list salicylic acid as an ingredient or contain essence of lemon, tea tree and/ or acai berry.

5) Any other tips regarding sheet masks?

Yes, there are some tips the MSM Beauty Squad has gathered over the last few months of using sheet masks

- In the summer months, slip the masks into  the fridge for 10-15 minutes before use. Ahhh.. that extra touch of cool serum does wonders to your sun stressed skin!

- Pack a sheet mask in your cabin baggage especially if you have boarded for a long flight. Ignore the weird looks you  might get from your fellow passengers and just treat yourself to a sheet mask session. They are super convenient to carry and hygienic to boot.

- A clever tip someone recently shared with us is to not just let your sheet mask just sit on your face. A gentle massage or tap tap motion helps to further push all the nutrients from the sheet into your skin.


  • Bhamini : January 06, 2017

    Wonderful tips

  • Gits: November 01, 2016

    Thank you for this wonderful information :) This is very usefull for people who want to use mask sheet. Can i put this information in my instagram? Thank you :)

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