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Cheat Sheet for BB Creams

Posted on April 15 2016

What exactly are BB Creams?

First developed for medical reasons to help patients undergoing laser treatments, beauty balms or BB creams quickly crossed over into the arena of makeup and skin care. 

This amazing multi-tasker promises to prime, moisturise and perfect skin - so that would imply a whole lot of steps removed from your morning face routine! No wonder they gained such immense popularity, first in the Asian market and then on to the West.

What makes a BB Cream perfect for summer?

Warm summer days translates harsh sunshine and a whole lot of sweat, thereby rendering your foundation cakey.

BB creams on the other hand provide the coverage of a foundation while evening out skin tone as well as providing sun protection in a light weight formula that stands up much better than a conventional foundation would. Keep in mind that your foundation would likely be the third or fourth step in your skincare routine after moisturiser, primer, and sunscreen, while a BB cream is a one step product that replaces all of the above! 

Now you know why the lazy girl in us loves this product so much :-)


How to choose a BB Cream.

Unlike foundations, BB Cream are classified as per skin type and not skin tone.

 When buying a bb cream, keep in mind your own skin type and the formulation of the specific BB cream in question.

If you have oily skin look for silicone as well as light weight formulations whereas dry skinned girls will appreciate higher content of hyaluronic acid as it provides hydration to the skin. 

SPF factor is important too depending on where you live and your own natural skin tone. Vitamin C and E are great for additional anti-aging properties and help even out skin tone as well.


What - only 2 shades?!

Yes, some BB creams are available in just 2 shades or a max of 4-5 shades. 

Before you start to panic, keep in mind that BB Creams are designed to blend with and enhance your natural skin tone.

Most formulations have a light weight and less opaque texture and are easy to blend. We recommend applying using a sponge or foundation brush or (clean) fingertips if that's what you are more comfortable using.

Do a patch test at the store and find the shade that works for you. And remember, even though at first the colour may not seem like an exact match for your skin tone, the trick is to blend, blend and blend ...

That's all for now gorgeous... if you have any thoughts to share on the BB cream that's just perfect for you, we would love to hear all about it...



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