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How To Wake Up Looking Beautiful In The Morning - 7 Easy Steps!

Posted on March 10 2016

Do you wake up bleary-eyed and sallow-skinned every morning?

Here are some easy steps to incorporate into your night skin care routine to ensure you wake up with glowing skin and fabulous hair! 

1) Clean your face: Even if you don't wear too much makeup, just the routine of an ordinary day exposes your face to grime, pollution, sweat and environmental stress. In case you don't believe us, apply cleansing milk on your face and then wipe off using a cotton swab. The colour of the swab will not tell you it's own story about how much dirt accumulates on our face during the day.

So, whatever you do, DO NOT SKIP this one basic step in your night care skin routine. Use a makeup remover like this one from Inveda to remove colour from your eyes, lips, cheeks etc and then cleanse using a gentle, soap free cleanser of your choice. We highly recommend a double cleanse routine as the best way to get glowing skin!

2) Do not skip the toner and eye cream: Confused about what a toner does for you?

Read all about it here and then make it an integral part of your skincare arsenal.

3) Mask it: We cannot tell you how much this step has saved us! Masks come in all forms - pastes, sheet masks, powders etc. 

Here is one that can be used every 10 days to keep your face radiant- slap it on, watch some TV or catch up on your Instagram feed while it does it's magic.

4) Keep an eye out for eye cream: Dab on a bit of this cream - just a pea size amount - along your brow bone, at the outer corners of the eye and on your eyelids. This keeps the delicate skin around the eyes moisturised and helps avoid fine lines and puffiness.

5) Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise: While you get your beauty sleep, your skin is busy regenerating and replenishing! Give it all the help it needs by applying a good quality night cream as a last step to end your night care routine

6) Hair Care: Whatever you do do not pull your long hair back into a tight bun or ponytail before you sleep. A softer and kinder approach would be to braid it loosely, preferable to the side so that you sleep better and wake up with natural waves (a friend we know has a clever trick: she spritzes rose water on to her hair before braiding, then once again on to the braid. Now why didn't we think of that?)

7) Hydrate before you hit the pillow: Keep a pretty jug of water on your bed stand.Keep sipping as you go through your evening winding down routine. Last thing before you nod off - make sure you chug down a glass of the pure stuff. Hydration within is just as beneficial for your skin than hydration of the surface!

(image courtesy:Martha Stewart)

That's it for now gorgeous!

If you have any tips you would like to share with us do comment below - xoxo



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