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The Best Way To Apply Eye Cream

Before we talk about HOW to apply eye cream, let’s address an important question:

Do you really need an eye cream?

The answer, quite simply, is YES. It is important to note that the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than that of the face, and it has very few oil glands. In addition, it is subjected to a lot more stress and movement keeping in mind that we constantly blink, squint and smile. So this area is one of the first to start showing signs of ageing. It is therefore important to counter act by using an eye cream every day.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind in order to apply eye cream like a pro.

Tip 1: Spot The Right Place

The Best Way To Apply Eye Cream

A common mistake most of us commit is to apply it incorrectly. We apply eye cream on our eyelids and on the area below the eye close to the lower lash line. Get out of that habit! Make sure to apply it along the orbital bone or eye socket.

Tip 2: Apply Just The Right Amount

The Best Way To Apply Eye Cream

Too much is NOT a good thing when it comes to eye cream. Applying a lot of product can trigger sensitivity and irritation in your eyes, especially in the evening. The warmth of your skin causes the eye cream to spread along the surface of the skin and can enter your eyes while you sleep. Therefore, take just the right amount to create 4-5 dots along the orbital bone for both the eyes.

Tip 3: Mind Your Finger

The Best Way To Apply Eye Cream

Once done with dotting the cream along the orbital bone, make sure to proceed with application using your ring figure. Any other finger will apply excess pressure around the eye area during the application process whereas a ring finger will have least pressure that will not harm that region.

Tip 4: Follow The Right Motion

The Best Way To Apply Eye Cream

Do not rub the eye cream or massage it too hard along the orbital bone. Simply dab the product using your ring finger softly until it gets soaked completely. In case it takes time to get dissolved into the skin, you can follow it up with a gentle gliding motion along the orbital bone. Remember to start at the inner corner and move away towards the outer edge of the eye.

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Few more points to keep in mind:

  • In warm weather store your eye cream in a refrigerator. A cold eye cream will work faster and show better results by shrinking and soothing the swollen blood vessels around the eye area.
  • Read the ingredient list before purchasing a new eye cream. Make sure the cream doesn’t use petrolatum or mineral oil. Search for words like hyaluronic acid for hydration and peptides to restore your skin’s natural protein.
  • Caffeine is another key ingredient for addressing puffy eyes. Check out this Super Amazing Caffeine Eye Cream here.

And now that you know how to apply it, do let us know your favorite Eye Creams. Feel free to share your suggestions/feedback in the comments below.

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